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More Than Just a gym

Welcome to GSR CrossFit, Vestal’s premier CrossFit gym. Here, we’re all about “Maximizing You.” This isn’t just about (how much weight you can lift or how fast you run) —it’s about creating a healthier, fuller life and learning to push yourself to discover—to realize how much unlimited potential is stored up inside of you.

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CrossFit for Everyone

Whether it’s your very first day or your looking to take your training further, at GSR we’re here to build a program that works for you! Through group classes we adjust each workout to your specific needs, goals, and abilities.  Our program is built on an active community of members and certified coaches who are there to support you along the way!

Ready to ramp up your regimen?

Ready to ramp up your regimen?

Our Programs

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Daily Group Workout

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Simple Effective High Energy Workout

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Prep Course

One-on-One Intro to CrossFit

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Fit Kids

Fitness for Ages 6-13

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Fit 4 Life

Wellness for All Ages

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Sports Performance

Team and Individual Training

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Indoor Cycling (Coming Soon)


“The trainers are great and they care. I’ve never been hurt with the knowledge that GSR CrossFit trainers have. I’ve been sore, but it’s a great feeling! The trainers allow me space to learn and grow. I am currently down 2 sizes, yet weigh the same as before I started. I’m lean, yet I eat like a horse!”


“I never really paused to consider my journey until now and I am amazed at how far I’ve come! Thank you Greg Rollo and the GSR family for the encouragement and help. I am amazed by all of you and thankful that I have you all in my life and get to work out with you each day!”


“I learned to love the community, hate the burpees, love watching personal bests go up, and workout times go down. GSR helped me find a fun way to finally get myself in shape, and to meet some incredible, inspiring people along the way.”