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GSR CrossFit is proud to host the 2016 Lee Barta Challenge! The event will be held on August 27nd behind the Binghamton Metro Center and will consist of both RX and Scaled teams! Cash prizes for first place will be awarded at the end of the competition, along with prizes from Reebok and Rogue for winning individual events!

We will also have booths with local businesses offering healthy food and drinks.

Lee was a wonderful husband and a proud father. He served his country for four years in the United States Marine Corps. After serving his country he returned to his home town, Binghamton, NY, to serve as a police officer for a community he loved. From an early age, Lee understood the importance of staying fit. Lee was an athlete who excelled in sports at the high school and collegiate level and chose careers which demanded a high level of physical fitness. Associating Lee Barta’s name with a CrossFit Competition is very appropriate.

The death of a police officer in the line of duty is always felt deeply in the community. Holding events to honor a dedicated professional who sacrificed his life for the community promotes unity, community involvement, and positive interactions among it’s members. This CrossFit Competition, named for Officer Lee Barta, will serve as a great way to honor the person Lee was by highlighting two of his passions: fitness and community. There is no better way to achieve this than to allow a community to come together to promote health and fitness.

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